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Cancer Screening

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Are people with poor oral hygiene medically compromised? It is an established fact that persons with gum disease have high risk of cardiac diseases. Newer studies have pointed out increased risk of Stroke in persons with gum disease. Researchers are also indicating at an increase in cancer risk in persons who have poor oral hygiene. To put it to perspective oral hygiene is critical to one’s general wellbeing and there are oral manifestations of diseases.

The risk of breast cancer three times higher in women with gum disease. This may be due to triggering of cancer as a result of systemic inflammation which originates in the infected gums. It is also suggested that bacteria from the mouth may enter the circulatory system through the gums which then may affect the Breast tissues

Velscope-Oral Cancer Screening it is a hand held tool that uses natural tissue fluorescence to enhance the way clinicians view the oral mucosal abnormalities that might not be visible to the naked eye. This helps in early detection of abnormal tissues. It is painless non-invasive and requires no rinsing stains. How it works is the system emits a safe fluorescent light into the mouth and dentist can see the response of tissue to the same, and differentiate between the normal and abnormal tissues. The abnormal tissues may appear dark and opaque on passage of the light.

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