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Laser Dentistry

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There is a great excitement among dental practitioners, scientists and patients to use dental lasers in treatments and make it a pleasant experience. The most common use of dental laser is soft tissue surgeries, like periodontal (gum) surgeries and endodontic (root canal) disinfection. It is also used for teeth whitening procedure. Other uses of lasers which are not very common like replacement of dental drills with lasers, laser dental decay prevention and laser dental decay detection.

Laser dentistry is a precise and effective way to perform many dental procedures. The potential for laser dentistry to improve dental procedures rests in the ability of the Periodontist to control power output and the duration of exposure on the tissue (whether gum or tooth structure), allowing for treatment of a highly specific area of focus without damaging surrounding tissues. Laser technology provides with precision treatment that may minimize pain and recovery time.

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De-pigmentation of the Gums

Melanin, carotene and hemoglobin are the natural pigments which contribute to the normal color of the gums. Certain medications or smoking can also cause discoloration of the gums. A dental laser targets the melanocytes, reducing the production of melanin in the gums. This results in a lighter and more uniform color of the gums.

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Laser supported Gum Treatment - (Single and Multiple Sittings)

Periodontitis (infection of the Gums) is caused by microorganisms. Periodontitis causes progressive loss of bone around the teeth, and if left untreated, causes loosening and consequent loss of teeth. Removal of plaque and calculus is essential to establish periodontal health. The traditional method of treatment is Flap Surgery which is invasive and painful. Laser assisted procedure is a non-invasive, and a gentle alternative to the scalpel and suture procedure. There is no loss of gum tissue and pain is minimal because no cutting is involved.

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Gummy Smile

Gummy Smile is the excessive display of gums when you smile. The appearance of upper teeth is overshadowed and it appears short in some cases. The problem is more pronounced when the teeth is long and still there is excessive display of gums.

Causes of Gummy smile are

Due to abnormal eruption of teeth.
Due to hyperactivity of upper lip.
Due to altered and excessive bone growth.
The non invasive treatment option is best course of treatment is laser assisted crown lengthening procedure.

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