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Tooth Filling Treatment in Kochi

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Dental Filling - Dentique, Cochin

Do you experience pain while brushing? Do you feel a sharp stinging sensation when you eat Hot or Cold food? It is most likely that you have a cavity and need to immediately schedule a dentist appointment. Contrary to what popular advertisements promote we suggest that it is a dentist who can identify the problem in its initial stage and provide a solution for it. If you wait too long a simple filling procedure may convert itself into a root canal treatment or even Tooth extraction.

The simplest method for restoring cavities is Dental fillings without allowing further tooth decay and becoming a bigger issue. There are many types of Dental fillings and your dentist will choose the best one depending on

  • The location of the restoration in your mouth
  • The extent of the repair

Types of filings

  • Composite Fillings or tooth colored fillings - Composite fillings have the most natural appearance for the filling. They are made up of an acrylic resin. Composite fillings are durable to an extent and can withstand moderate chewing pressure. These fillings are more prone to wearing over time.
  • Silver Amalgam Fillings is a strong and stable filling material made of silver, copper, tin and mercury. It is long lasting and highly resistant to wear and tear. It is a relatively inexpensive option in filings. Amalgam fillings are recommended for restoring teeth where the caries is deep but not yet infected the pulp
  • Glass Ionomer Fillings are white coloured and easily bond with tooth tissue. They slowly release a fluoride over time to help prevent decay under and around the filling.
We at Dentique have mastered the art of designing and creating smiles. Hence your quest for the best dentist for tooth filling ends here. Just like a stitch in time saves nine… a Filling in time will save you from a Root canal. Call us on +91 81296 88765 to schedule your appointment.