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Sports Dentistry and Facial Physiotherapy

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Sports Dentistry is the prevention, maintenance and treatment of injuries to dental and oro-facial region that occurs in sports. The risk of injury exists in any sport but there are those sports in which players have a very high risk of facial injuries like boxing, judo, karate, wrestling, football, basketball, volleyball, hand ball, jokey and skating. Dental trauma is the most common trauma in such sports activities and it is often associated with serious consequences from aesthetic, functional, economical and psychological perspectives. Such injury can also exclude the athlete from an important competition.

The risk due to trauma is higher in kids who do regular and competitive training and sports. This is mainly due to the fact that the risk perception and awareness is lower in kids and they tend to take more risks than a professional athlete.

  • Face shields - The use of protective helmets are necessary contact sports that have very high risk of injury. This is normally m
  • Mouth guards - Mouth guards are custom made for the athlete by the dentist. Mouth guard does not affect the systemic function and act better in dissipating the stresses transmitted in the area of impact.

The most frequently asked question is why invest in custom made mouth gaurds. The reason is simply because a custom made mouth guard ensures better protection.

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