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Root Canal Treatment in Kochi

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Root Canal Treatment is a kind of endodontic therapy that is specifically designed to treat and cure pulp infections inside the teeth. The pulp is the most important part of the teeth because it is the soft tissue that supports the dental structure. Any major infection of the pulp can further affect the dental nerves and cause immense pain. 

At Dentique, we have the best root canal experts who will be able to help you with a root canal treatment if you are experiencing major toothache and your tooth is infected. Before you decide to take a root canal treatment, consult an endodontist at our clinic and understand its needs and benefits. We are one of the best dental clinics for root canals in Kochi and our endodontist will also tell you about the precautions and post-surgery recovery process after the root canal procedure. 

Who Needs a Root Canal Treatment?

Usually, root canal therapy is needed by people who have extensive decay and infection in their teeth. If the inflammation or infection has spread to such an extent that the pulp is inflamed, you need a root canal procedure as soon as possible. Sometimes, endodontists perform root canal surgery as an emergency, too. One of the most basic signs that there is something wrong with your teeth and you need a root canal procedure is a severe toothache. If you feel severe, throbbing pain in the teeth that does not go away, you most likely need a root canal consultation with us. 

Dentique is among the top dental clinics that offer the best root canal treatment in Ernakulam. Root canal treatment is very successful because it addresses the source of the problem and eliminates it. You might even experience sensitivity in the teeth if your tooth pulp is infected. If you see a dental abscess with pus filled in it forming at the root of your teeth near your gums, you need a root canal treatment on an urgent basis. If you are confused about choosing the best dental clinic for root canal treatment in Kochi, never think twice, Contact us today!

The Root Canal Procedure

Endodontists are dentists who are trained and experienced in the treatment of internal dental problems related to the dentine and the pulp. Before performing the root canal procedure, our endodontist will examine the teeth thoroughly and diagnose the problem accurately so the procedure can happen smoothly with good results. The root canal experts might use X-ray imaging and other diagnostics to learn about the infection before treating it. Before the root canal procedure begins, the endodontist will apply local anesthesia to the affected teeth and gum so that the patient will not feel any pain during the procedure. They will also use a rubber dam to isolate the infected tooth so that the procedure will be easy to complete.

Once the infected tooth is isolated and prepped,  a root canal specialist will use his surgical instruments and open up the crown of the tooth to access the pulp and the root canals where the infection is present. Once they have accessed the root canal, he uses special instruments and solutions to clean out the infected pulp and tissue. The endodontist cleans and shapes the internal canals properly so that the internal structure is ready to be filled. After this procedure, it also irrigates the root canal with anti-septic and antimicrobial solutions to prevent further infections. The clean canals are then filled with a biocompatible material, and the tooth fillings are sealed to prevent future endodontic infections. Thereafter,  restores the crown of the tooth so that its appearance and function are restored. Dentique sets the standard for the best root canal treatment in Ernakulam. We offer a unique personalized approach and post-treatment care for every patient.

Factors that Affect the Cost and Duration of Root Canal



The best root canal treatments might be expensive, but the benefits of a root canal far outweigh the costs. Given below are some of the factors that are taken into account to determine the costs of root canal treatment:

Tooth location: The overall location of the tooth and where the dentist has to access the tooth increases or decreases the cost of the root canal treatment. If the tooth is a molar, the procedure can be more expensive because molars are complicated to operate on. 

Severity: Of course, if the pulp infection is extensive and severe, the infection level will be difficult to treat, and this can increase the cost of the treatment and the root canal procedure. The root canal procedure will cost more if you have a severe endodontic infection. 

Need for special treatment: Sometimes, the pain and infection are not so extensive, and you might get your tooth treated by a general dentist. However, if the infection is very high and you need a special endodontic procedure, you have to consult with the best endodontist near you. The cost of consulting and availing of the services of the best endodontist in your area will be higher than that of other dentists. 

Dentique is a pioneer in providing the best dental care for our patients. We boast the best pool of root canal experts in Kochi, prioritizing patient satisfaction and delivering top-notch treatments at affordable costs.

Benefits of Root Canal Over Tooth Extraction

There are some specific benefits of opting for root canal treatment over an emergency tooth extraction. If you visit our dental team regularly, your teeth infection may be treated in the early stage through a root canal treatment and not extraction. The biggest benefit of root canal treatment is the preservation of the natural structure and appearance of teeth so that you do not experience drastic changes. By opting for a root canal instead of extraction, you can also protect the structure of your jaw and restore the normal chewing function of your teeth without any pain. 

Why Should You Choose Dentique for a Root Canal Treatment in Kochi?

Dentique is one of the best dental clinics for root canal treatment in Ernakulam, Kerala. At Dentique, you will find an experienced team of endodontists and dental technicians who will design the root canal treatment for an effective cure for infection and complete patient comfort. By choosing our dental clinic for dental procedures like root canal treatment, you ensure that all the steps of the procedure go well and you do not face any complications during or after the dental surgery. Our team of endodontists will also help you recover from the root canal surgery so that you can restore your teeth function sooner rather than later. Visit our clinic for the best root canal treatment in Kochi.


We at Dentique have mastered the art of designing and creating smiles. Hence your quest for the best dentist for root canal treatment ends here. Call us on +91 81296 88765 to schedule your appointment.