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Clear Aligners/ Invisalign in Kochi

Clear Aligners/Invisalign in Kochi

Get your clear aligners in Kochi from Dentique and maintain good oral health, while improving external beauty and preventing discomfort. Uncomfortable appearance and discomfort can result from teeth that are misaligned or malformed. The use of clear aligners is very common for fixing misaligned teeth. Clear aligners have gained popularity as an alternative to conventional metal braces during the last few years. Without the need for metal wires or brackets, these clear plastic braces work similarly to metal braces by gradually realigning teeth. The use of transparent plastic for aligner molds makes them less noticeable, addressing aesthetic concerns during teeth straightening. Dentique is one of the leading dental clinics offering Invisalign braces.Visit our clinic for premium quality clear aligners/Invisalign in Kochi.

How Do Clear  Aligners/Invisalign Work?

Clear aligners, like traditional braces, straighten teeth by applying gentle pressure over time. Teeth are guided by individual aligners, resulting in movement of about 0.2mm to 0.3mm per new set. Attachments that match the color of your teeth can be used to secure the aligners and aid in tooth alignment. Clear aligners are far less invasive and comfortable than the use of traditional metal braces. Typically, just one or two visits to your orthodontist are needed before starting aligner treatment. 

At Dentique, your orthodontist will use a computer scan to build a 3D representation of your mouth or will take bite impressions. This generates an in-depth analysis of the customized orthodontic therapy needed to straighten your teeth. A recommended course of dental aligner molds will be created based on the examination of your dental impression. The number of aligners in a series can range from as few as 12 to as many as 48, depending on the severity of the use case. Based on the 3D measurement taken, we will get your dental aligners custom-made. Moreover, it is common for a set of pre-aligners to be supplied, allowing you to become comfortable with the sensation before commencing the alignment process.Each set of aligners is typically worn for approximately two weeks. The duration of treatment varies for each case, typically ranging from 6 to 18 months to complete. After completing the aligner procedure, it is recommended to wear a retainer for approximately 6 months to ensure teeth remain in their proper position. 

How Clear Aligners Differ from Traditional Dental Braces?


When it comes to orthodontic treatment, people who want the best possible alignment of their teeth must know the difference between transparent aligners and conventional dental braces. Understanding the pros and cons of each method will help you in making an informed decision. 

Complex orthodontic issues such as misaligned teeth, overcrowding, and crooked teeth can be permanently fixed with orthodontic braces. You do not need to remove them in order to eat or drink because they are permanently bonded to your teeth. Orthodontic braces are a useful way to correct teeth, but they may not be attractive to adults and teens who are self-conscious about their appearance. Additionally, during the first adjustment phase and the scheduled tightening procedures, orthodontic brackets and wires may cause discomfort. Food particles could get trapped in between teeth when brackets and wires are present, accumulating plaque and increasing the risk of cavities.

Clear aligners, composed of translucent plastic, provide a subtle substitute for the metal brackets and wires seen in conventional braces. Since clear aligners can be taken out, unlike braces, it is simpler to maintain good oral hygiene and enjoy a greater range of foods without being restricted. Clear aligners offer a discrete alternative for people who are self-conscious about their appearance, and these braces make it simpler to eat, clean, and floss. The smooth edges of Clear Aligners minimize the chance of creating discomfort or irritation to the teeth and gums. Our dental aligners in Kochi are provided with the help of cutting-edge computer technology to enable precise treatment planning, improve reliability, and produce more accurate outcomes.

Post-Treatment Care For Dental Aligners/Invisalign Braces

Proper care after invisible teeth aligners is essential for maintaining results and oral health. Dentique provides amongst the best invisible teeth aligners in Kochi, and we recommend the following post-treatment care:

Use retainers- Dental Retainers will help you maintain your smile by keeping your teeth aligned. Your teeth may not remain straight for the duration of treatment just because you have them straightened. Dentique offers clear aligners in Kochi, providing patients with a discreet and effective solution for straightening their teeth. After getting your clear aligners in Dentique, our doctor may recommend retainers to keep your teeth from moving back to their original positions. 

Be mindful of your food choices- After treatment, your teeth may become sensitive, in which case it’s best to avoid eating anything too crunchy for a few days. 

Remember to brush: To keep your teeth healthy and clean, continue your daily regimen of brushing and flossing. If you neglect to practice good oral hygiene, the treatment might not work.

Make frequent dental appointments: You shouldn't stop visiting the dentist just because your dental work is finished and you have the smile of your dreams. Make an appointment to see a dentist at least once every six months to ensure that this smile lasts.

Why Should You Consider Dentique for Clear Aligners/Invisalign in Kochi?

Choose Dentique for Invisalign in Kochi, as we are certified Invisalign treatment providers offering customized orthodontic solutions. Our skilled team of orthodontists is committed to providing individualized care and excellent results, guaranteeing a pleasant and successful orthodontic treatment experience. Without the inconvenience of conventional braces, you may have straighter teeth and a more confident smile with Invisalign. Safety is our utmost concern, and we employ cutting-edge technology and adhere to the highest treatment standards. You can rely on Dentique’s experience and dedication to assist you in using clear aligners to get the smile you want. Transform your smile with Dentique’s tailor-made Invisible dental braces in Kochi and begin your journey to straighter, healthier teeth today.